Something’s Poppin’ on Pike Street

November 9, 2008

On Friday, November 7,  KuKuRuZa Gourmet Popcorn, Seattle’s first and only gourmet popcorn shop, opened for business in the historic Kress Building at 215 Pike Street in downtown Seattle. Owned and operated by Popcorn Chef Robert Hicks and George Marema, KuKuRuZa showcases a classic soda-shop theme, with fresh popcorn prepared in the open kitchen throughout the day, upbeat 1920s music, and old-fashioned sodas and treats.

Made in small batches with top-notch ingredients such as real creamery butter and the finest chocolate, KuKuRuZa Popcorn boasts more than 25 flavors and is available in a variety of creatively themed packaging. With flavors such as Triple Nut Caramel, Cinnamon Red Hot, and Burgundy Cheddar Cheese, there’s a flavor to savor for every popcorn lover’s palate.