Braiden Wins Wine Writer Scholarship

February 13, 2009


Wine flights are a sensible way to experience several different types of wine.

Just yesterday I found out I have been awarded a scholarship to the Symposium for Professional Wine Writers at Meadowood Napa Valley!!!

This is similar to the merit-based scholarship I got way back in 1998 for the Symposium for Professional Food Writers at the Greenbrier, and I am just so thrilled and happy.

I am also the only person ever to win scholarships to both symposia, so I am truly over the moon with happiness!

Terlato Family Vineyards is the Napa Valley winery that is sponsoring me. Quite a big company, and the really neat thing is that the patriarch, Tony Terlato, has a book called “Taste: A Life in Wine” that includes lots of recipes and info on food-and-wine pairing, so we are a good fit.

I’ll take lots of photos and bring back lots of stories, I’m sure. Speakers include wine-world luminaries such as Eric Asimov, Frank Prial, and Karen MacNeil.