Bringing in the Haggis

February 13, 2009

January 23rd marked the 250th birthday of Scottish poet and raconteur Robbie Burns. And the Pike Brewing Co. served up a big-time birthday party with the Elliott Bay Bag Pipers, reading in English and Old Scots of Burns’s poetry, and both a traditional and vegetarian Haggis!

The Elliott Bay Bagpipers bring in the Haggis at Pike Pub in downtown Seattle.

Here are the bagpipers making their grand entrance.

Shannon Borg cooked and served the Haggis at Pike Pub.

And our buddy Shannon Borg, haggis mistress, cutting into the hot oatmeal and lamb-laced treat. 

Five single-malt Scotches awaiting sampling at the Pike Pub in downtown Seattle.

The Haggis celebration was preceded by a single-malt Scotch tasting, so we were ready and primed for partying!