Tom Douglas Tempts with Thanksgiving Blend

November 26, 2008

Starbucks has released its first-ever Thanksgiving Blend, created under the steady hand of Seattle’s chef-with-the-Midas-touch, Tom Douglas. Starbucks collaborated with Douglas to create a coffee that would go with the biggest dinner of the year–Thanksgiving.

According to the press release, “The herbal notes of the coffee are very much enhanced when enjoyed with an herb-rubbed turkey and it goes incredibly well, as you might imagine, with pumpkin pie and the cornucopia of flavors on one’s Thanksgiving table.”

Here’s a photo:

Uber chef Tom Douglas tastes his newest creation--Starbucks Thanksgiving Blend.

Chef and Restaurateur Tom Douglas (left) worked closely with Starbucks and Anthony Carroll, Starbucks manager of Green Coffee Quality, to create Starbucks first-ever Thanksgiving Blend coffee. It will be served at Douglas’s restaurants and brewed at Starbucks throughout November. The coffee is also available in one-pound bags of whole beans for $10.95.


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