Flowers, Flowers, Flowers!

November 23, 2009

Very surprisingly (at least to me) was the positive response I got to one of my blogs from a couple of months ago showcasing my flower arrangements that I create weekly solely for Spencer’s and my enjoyment.

So, egged on by readers “reviews,” I’ve continued to create the bouquets and my darling husband has kept a visual record using his big digital camera and tricks from his photo studio and PhotoShop.

So here are the latest images for your viewing pleasure. Here is White on Black:

White on Black (Flowers)

And here is Black on Black:

Black on Black (Flowers)

And here is A Burst of Orange:

A Burst of Orange (Flowers)

Just for fun, here are the flower arrangements that we spotted in the main lobby at our hotel in New York City, the Jumeirah Essex House. Groupings of clear glass vases in various rectangular shapes, with stems gathered (sometimes tied) and visible, seemed to be all the rage both in NYC and Philadelphia.

Essex House Flowers

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