Blunching at Cafe Campagne

April 4, 2010

Spencer wants breakfast. I want lunch. Or vice versa.

Unfortunately, not a lot of places serve both. . .

Cafe Campagne Quiche

But a good alternative for “blunch” is Cafe Campagne in the Pike Place Market. On a recent Saturday morning, I opted for the fluffy, light Vegetarian Quiche. When I asked our server how they got it so light, she said all they use in the filling is egg yolks. Sacre bleu!

Cafe Campagne Steak Frites

Meanwhile, Steak Frites was Spencer’s lunch of choice that particular day. It’s a manly-man sort of dish and he even lets me steal the occasional French fry. 🙂

Cafe Campagne means a lot to us and we go there often, for dinner as well. It’s where we went the evening my mother died and we needed some nourishment before we got on the American Airlines red-eye flight to Dallas.

And. . .ta-da. . .it’s the place where we had the idea for “Five More Minutes With,” our new Web site that launched on March 26. You can read more in “Our Story,” and I certainly hope you will enjoy the site and check in often.

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