Chukar Cherries Gets a Facelift

April 22, 2010

Chukar Cherry Company has been a popular fixture in the Pike Place Market’s Main Arcade for many years. Happy to report that the good folks at Chukar (including the company’s founder and fellow Seattle Dame Pamela Montgomery, a.k.a., “Ma Chukar,” and husband J.T.) ┬áhave just completed an upgrade that makes the venerable permanent stand feel even more warm and cozy than before.

Chukar Cherry Company Remodel

Here’s a photo snapped late afternoon on a busy Saturday as the lovely ladies behind the counter are working hard, giving out loads of free samples to tourists and locals alike, as always.

Note the new signage and warm cherry cabinets behind the sales clerks. Very nice!

Chukar Cherry Company, 4/10

And here’s a more straight-on shot provided by Pam and J.T. Congrats and “cherry cheers,” dear friends!

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