A Fun Culinary Discovery for the New Year

January 6, 2011

Right before we left on our nine-day odyssey through Carmel and San Francisco, I made a pilgrimage to Pacific Place shopping center in downtown Seattle–specifically the Williams Sonoma store there–to look at some interesting items I’d marked in the venerable company’s December (holiday) catalog.

Now Spencer and I have a weakness for fried-egg sandwiches. And so here are the Heart-Shaped Egg Fry Rings (nonstick, no less!) that I just couldn’t resist. Of course, being married (for 29 years!) to a great guy like Spencer, I love anything romantic, especially when it perks up breakfast.

Here’s what the eggs looked like once I’d lightly buttered the inside of the rings and broken the eggs into them. (Love the little wood-tipped handles that stay cool for easy handling!)

And here’s what the heart-shaped eggs looked like once released from their holders. A little rough around the edges–I’ll use this as an excuse to use more butter next time.

Since I didn’t have any English muffins on hand, I placed the eggs atop leftover latkes, topped them with chunks of Pure Food Fish’s ┬ásmoked salmon (best in the Pike Place Market!), and made a “heart”-y salad of assorted bibb lettuce, carrot coins, and Thompson pears.

A bottle of Champagne, and we were good to go for Sunday brunch!

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