It’s a Great Time to Buy a Cookbook!

December 13, 2011

The last few years have brought tough times to traditional brick-and-mortar local and independent, not to mention one big national chain bookstore (RIP Borders).

So I was very heartened as we walked through Macy’s in downtown Seattle last weekend, when I spotted two of my titles in several displays in Barbara’s Book Nook on the main floor near a major exit. Great placement!

Pacific Northwest Wining & Dining: The People, Places, Food, and Drink of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and British Columbia (pictured above in the second row, left-hand side) was available in one book dump. . .

The second edition of the Pike Place Market Cookbook on another.

Now, if I could just get Barbara to stock the gift edition of the Pike Place Public Market Seafood Cookbook!

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