Welcome to Northwest Wining and Dining

Where you will discover a carefully curated collection of the recipes, cooking tips, and food photography of Seattle-based author Braiden Rex-Johnson, who wrote about Pacific Northwest cuisine and wine for 25 years.

Braiden is also the founder/editor of three other websites: BraidenBlossoms.com, FiveMoreMinutesWith.com, and SeattleWaterfrontWebcam.com.

SeattleWaterfrontWebcam.com live streams images of downtown Seattle’s lively Waterfront 24 hours, seven days a week. Among the sights you’ll see from the camera’s ever-streaming eye are the maritime traffic in Elliott Bay, the revolving majesty of the Seattle Great Wheel, and distant views of West Seattle and the horizon.

BraidenBlossoms.com is a place of beauty and a respite from everyday life. It features Braiden’s iPhone photos enhanced using the Waterlogue “painting” app or the Hipstamatic analog app. Categories of photos include Food, Remains, Whimsical, and Nostalgic, among others.

FiveMoreMinutesWith.com is an inspirational-tribute website. It features a wide array of heartfelt tributes written about departed family members, friends, teachers, and pets, along with an ever-changing collection of Inspiring Moment photos.

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