Etta’s New Mussel Dish

July 23, 2009

You know we’ve blogged frequently about how much we enjoy eating Saturday or Sunday brunch at Etta’s Seafood restaurant, just north of the Pike Place Market.

Here’s a new dish we’ve tried recently. . .Etta’s Penn Cove Mussels (or clams or a combo–your choice) come with a rich Spring Garlic and Washington Chardonnay Sauce and plenty of crunchy croutons.

The broth is to die for–redolent of the Chardonnay, buttery, perfect for unabashedly sipping with the soup spoon that accompanies it.

Etta\'s Penn Cove Mussels

With a side of Yakima Asparagus (perfectly grilled to tender-crisp), I feel like I’ve died and gone to heaven.

Which is the reason this qualifies as my Dish of the Day.

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