Living the Low-Carb Lifestyle

January 27, 2012

For several months now, Spencer (and to a lesser extent, yours truly) have been trying to survive on a medically supervised low-carb, low-fat, very high protein diet.

Right out of the gate, my significant other lost six pounds, and has continued to lose slowly even in spite of the holidays and nine days in California.

I lost an inch or two around my middle, which was a good thing, as my waistbands had lately gotten more than a little snug.

It’s been “interesting” figuring out what restaurants are low-carb friendly.

Here’s the way we navigated the menu at Chinook’s, a wonderful seafood restaurant we frequent when we are out and about in the car. It’s part of the Anthony’s Homeport family on Fisherman’s Terminal, just a few miles outside of downtown Seattle.

Chinook’s Manhattan Clam Chowder is always spot-on, and the Oregon Bay Shrimp Cocktails had lots of the small, but tasty, shrimp and chopped celery paired with a spicy cocktail sauce.

In addition to good food, there are gorgeous marina views that I enjoy snapping with my Hipstamatic app.

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